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Sparks Dishwasher Repair

We have an unpleasant truth to reveal... We don't like dirty dishes.
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    In my opinion, especially as a parent, the dishwasher is one of the most essential appliances in the house. If it were to break down, it would create chaos in my household. We tend to overuse our dishwasher, often not thoroughly pre-washing our dishes. Despite this, our Kitchenaid, which is quite a durable machine, continues to function surprisingly well.

If you’re like me, you want your dishwasher to be in perfect working order. If you’re encountering any issues with your unit, Sargent’s is here to ensure your dishes come out sparkling clean and ready for the next load.

Given its size, you might think your dishwasher has fewer parts that could fail. In reality, it has numerous safety mechanisms, moving parts, and devices. It needs systems to prevent flooding or fires, as it fills with water and uses a heater to dry dishes. Unfortunately, these safety controls can fail. Additionally, the wash motor might malfunction, leaving dishes dirty, the water pump could fail, preventing drainage, or the heater might blow out, causing dishes to stay wet. Many components make up this vital machine.

To complicate matters, different manufacturers have unique designs. If you experience a problem, it's crucial to hire a reputable service technician who knows how to fix it. Misdiagnosing appliances is common in our industry, leading Americans to spend thousands on new products unnecessarily. If you need a repair, choose a technician with field experience and avoid those with recurring bad reviews. If a company consistently has complaints about not returning calls or long wait times for parts that are readily available, trust your instincts and consider another company.

Sargent’s has been in business since 1974, repairing appliances the entire time. While things have evolved, we still maintain our traditional values. Our owner, a service technician, is dedicated to providing excellent customer service through our knowledgeable service team and office staff.

Check Out These Common Issues.

  1. Dishwasher not draining
  2. Dishwasher not cleaning dishes
  3. Dishwasher not filling with water
  4. Dishwasher making loud noises
  5. Dishwasher not drying dishes
  6. Dishwasher leaking water
  7. Dishwasher door not closing
  8. Dishwasher cycle not completing
  9. Dishwasher not starting
  10. Dishwasher smells bad
  11. Dishwasher overflows
  12. Dishwasher soap dispenser not working
  13. Dishwasher not heating
  14. Dishwasher lights flashing
  15. Dishwasher won’t turn on
  16. Dishwasher racks not sliding
  17. Dishwasher buttons not responding
  18. Dishwasher tripping breaker
  19. Dishwasher leaving residue
  20. Dishwasher motor problems
  21. Dishwasher water pump failure
  22. Dishwasher control board issues
  23. Dishwasher timer not working
  24. Dishwasher error codes
  25. Dishwasher spraying arm not spinning
  26. Dishwasher drain hose clogged
  27. Dishwasher filter problems
  28. Dishwasher float switch issues
  29. Dishwasher inlet valve malfunction
  30. Dishwasher making grinding noise



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Leaking Water.

Water leaks can lead to costly repairs. Dishwashers can leak from several places, but the fill line is particularly crucial. A leak here can result in gallons of water spilling in minutes. If you have a leak, turn off the hot water valve under your sink that supplies your dishwasher. Check the supply line or call Sargent's for help.

Not Draining.

Not draining is a serious issue because it leaves dirty water sitting inside your dishwasher. Surprisingly, this might be related to your garbage disposal. If you’ve recently replaced your disposer, the plug where the dishwasher connects may not have been removed. If that’s not the issue, the next suspect is the drain pump, which removes water from the dishwasher.

Not Starting, Acting Strange.

In today’s world, electronic control boards manage almost every function of your dishwasher, from the motor to the heater. Unfortunately, steam and condensation can interfere with these boards. If your dishwasher isn’t starting, seems dead, or if the cycles aren’t working correctly, the control board might be the problem.

Not Washing Well Or Poor Wash.

Finding dirty dishes after washing them is frustrating. Nobody wants to see dried food remnants on their utensils. If your dishes aren’t getting clean, it could be due to several issues. Modern dishwashers have filters that need cleaning. If you’ve cleaned the filter and still have issues, we might need to inspect the wash motor or the spinning wash arms.

Weird Noises Or Not Washing At All.

Does your dishwasher sound like it has rocks inside? There could be a hard object bouncing around in your motor, which could cause it to fail if not resolved. The wash motor is responsible for circulating water to clean your dishes. If it fails, it could be disastrous, especially after a big gathering.

Not Drying.

If you find water all over your dishes after the cycle, there are a few things to check. First, are you using rinse aid? If not, you should start. Phosphates, which helped dishes dry, are no longer in dishwasher detergents. Now, you need an additive for the same effect. If you are using rinse aid, we may need to check your heater. If the heater is faulty, it won’t dry your dishes properly at the end of the cycle.