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Looking for honest and trustworthy appliance repair service in Sparks NV? Look no further than Sargent's Maytag.

    Our local repair service company is highly rated, providing some of the best appliance repair service you can find near in the area. Our technicians are skilled in servicing all of the major household appliance manufacturers and can quickly and easily get your home running at optimal efficiency no matter how big or small your job may be. We are here to help you and whatever the make, model, or issue, our team has the experience and skill needed for any appliance repair. We strive to make sure you get the best customer service and satisfaction possible, so you can trust Sargent's Maytag to get the job done right the first time.

We Service What Matters


     At Sargents Maytag, there's no job to big or small. Some companies write over priced estimates to try and deter people from actually repairing their products. Usually, this is because a job is too big or time consuming and they don't want to do it. We've been doing major repairs for almost 50 years and we have the tools and no how to do it the right way.

     If you need a new compressor or evaporator in your refrigerator, no problem. New bearings needed in your washer? We got you. Icemaker won't work? That stinks but we can fix it. 

     On top of offering top quality service on our jobs, we also repair most of the major brands. Whether it's made in the USA or abroad, we can fix it.

Check Out The Brands We Fix.

Didn't see your brand? Call us and we'll let you know if we fix it. 














Do you have a broken washing machine that needs some repair. We repair washing machines fast. Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Not cleaning
  • leaking 
  • foul odor
  • needs a general maintenance 


Do you have a not working dryer that needs some TLC? We can quickly repair your dryer with OEM parts. If you have any of the following issues.

  • Long dry times
  • funky smell
  • tearing your clothes
  • squeaking 


Do you have to hand wash your dishes while your dishwasher sits there on vacation? We can get it back up and running and get your hands back to normal. If you have any of the following complaints

  • Specks of food in your glasses
  • Leaking water
  • Water all over your dishes after "drying"
  • Smells horrible


Do you have have a refrigerator that isn't working correctly? We are refrigeration repair experts and would love to get you up and running. Click Here if you're experiencing any of the following issues.

  • Little or no cooling
  • Water dispenser dripping water or not working
  • Door not closing
  • Broken interior shelves


Does your oven not work? Sargent's can't get you back to baking and frying your favorite foods in no time. Are you experiencing any of the following issues? Click Here for great service.

  • Smoke bellowing out
  • Burners don't get hot
  • Gas smell
  • Takes forever to preheat

Appliance repair in the Sparks Reno area


Appliance repair is one of those things that some people believe in, and some people don’t. There are people that believe in the throw away lifestyle, and because of that, only purchase the cheapest appliances possible. For the rest of the people that like to keep things going by repairing or replacing parts, there are several choices for appliance repair technicians. How do you decipher between them? Which ones are good? Are they all the same, some just charge less and some charge more? The answer to that question is a tough one, because you would need to know a larger part of the story before you can start making a good assessment.

     Some people think of appliance repair as an easy thing. How hard could it be? When an “engineer” or other “handy” person is looking for a new career, or way to make money, a lot of times appliances comes up. Something that these “technicians” rely on, is videos they find on the internet or YouTube. Before they go out of their call, they are on YouTube looking up how to properly fix the machine they’re about to work on. This is a real problem because this gives them a false sense of security that they will be able to correctly and effectively repair your machine. The reality is that appliances are a very complex piece of machinery that has to abide by a lot of rules and regulations in order to operate in your house. Refrigerators need to have flame proof components, and electronic controls that monitor safeties to ensure the user is safe. Washing machines have locking lids now so children are safe, and customers don’t hurt themselves if they reach into a moving washer. Appliances just have a lot to them. If you’re not educated by the factory on how to correctly disassemble and repair a machine, the client that owns that appliance is going to have a major issue, because their appliance will have damaged panels, broken plastic, cut wires and a whole list of other problems that equals to their appliance not working, and them having to buy a new one.

     What about the companies that are factory trained in town? Well… there are a few of us. In an area that’s 460,000 population (Washoe County), you would think there would be more. In reality, there are only 3 or 4 companies in the general area that regularly attend factory training classes. We know, because we're one of them. The real issue is who does factory authorized service for the box stores? Local companies traditionally are self-servicing, which means they only service the product that they sell. Sometimes they get call from the manufacturers, but traditionally, they want to only use a few servicers. What about the other thousands of appliances sold yearly at the big box stores, who services those appliances? If they’re in warranty, there are only a few companies that fit that role. This is a problem if you are one of these customers, and need your not cooling refrigerator repaired. Most of the servicers are booked up a few weeks out, and can’t quickly get out to help you out. 


“Customers assume there is an “appliance god” who’s always looking out for them, and that is far from the truth. Unlike the auto industry where dealer service is mandatory, most appliances are sold today through non-servicing retailers, and those that still perform their own repairs are disappearing. The result is that consumers often encounter unacceptably long service delays and unqualified technicians which creates ill will towards the manufacturer and dealers and fills our landfills with discarded appliances.” 

            What is the solution to such a major issue where consumers have gotten to the point where they feel that there are no good appliances left on the market. The answer, like to a lot of issues that we face in society, is to stop being so reliant on large retailers that sell builder quality product, who  don’t service what they sell, and purchase from local dealers that have the ability to solve issues. We need to band together as a society, and share the wealth around to the companies that keep everything going. In the 90’s, the amount of servicing appliance dealers was nearly double what it is today. This change effectively removed a major part of the repair force that helped keep the manufacturers out of trouble. Today, most appliances are sold by companies that could care less about the person they sold the appliance too. If a customer doesn't like an appliance or it breaks down, the box store will just return it and force the manufacturer to take it back.

            Sargent’s has made it through all the changes, booms and busts, and we’re still here, working hard everyday to keep people happy. If you need an honest company to work with, give Sargent’s in Sparks a try.

If you are in need of appliance service in the Reno, Sparks area, Sargents Maytag is your #1 choice. We have been in business in the same location since 1974, and are locally owned and operated. We've been repairing appliances in the Reno Sparks area just as long as any other company in town. Sargents believes to this day, in doing business the old fashioned way. This doesn't mean we're showing up to your house in a buggy and carriage, but that we will treat each of our customers with respect, as if they were part of our family. Sargent's strives to bring the honesty back into service work that for some strange reason, has been lost in recent years.

If you need any kind of appliance repair work, Sargent's has a factory trained and college educated techs, ready to help you out. We repair all brands, except Samsung (eww) and all appliance types from washers to trash compactors, and we have the correct tools for the job. If you've used a technician in the past that didn't know what they were doing, or charged you too much, don't be reluctant to try us. We have our own lifes, and in our own lives we have to fight getting ripped off just like anyone else. Everytime something happens to us, like overpaying for a car repair, or poor carpet cleaning that cost way too much, it concretes the way that we do business. We believe in doing honest work, that includes telling you everything that we find about your appliance while we're repairing it, so you can make an educated decision on whether to repair or replace your machine. Charging a fair repair price, which means charging you for the time it takes to repair your appliance instead of what the national average price is; national average price being a flat price that a 3rd party comes up with to artificially increase appliance repair rates. Most of all, doing top quality work, which means not skipping any steps because it will make our job easier, or only repairing things that are broken instead of repairing parts that are worn and will fail soon. Sargents believes in working hard for the customer, while keeping their wallet in mind and doing the best possible job.

Get your appliance repaired fast, by a professional technician that really knows his stuff. Don't get caught buying new appliances every few years because you can't find a good technician. Hire one of the top rated companies in town for appliance repair. Hire Sargent's.


We Can Fix it.

Sargents is your local appliance repair service and also the same day/next day* service pro's

#1 for Service 

No matter what review service you prefer, we have 5 star reviews. There may be some negative reviews on there as well, but that's how you know we're human.


We use factory OEM parts from our parts warehouse to correctly repair your home appliance. We have techs that know a thing or 2 about keeping a quality machine running like it was new. 


Our technicians are actually trained in electronics and appliance repair. A lot of companies hookup "computers" to your appliance so someone, somewhere can tell them what's wrong. Our techs can do that too, but prefer to do it the old fashioned way, and actually diagnose the problem.

We're old school

We've been in business since 1974 and probably sold grandma her washer. We still believe in that old fashioned work ethic and will always strive to make our customers happy, even if it means going the extra mile. 

#LOCAL, Sargents Maytag Home Appliance Store. locally owned since 1974.
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*Sargents Maytag repairs appliances of all brands and all major appliances. Our techs carry parts on their trucks for Whirlpool and Maytag appliances and are prepared, in a lot of cases, to repair your Whirlpool and Maytag appliances in the same day. If we do not have the part you need to repair your appliance, we will order it from the fastest source, and be out to see you ASAP.