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Sparks Dryer Repair.

Is your clothes dryer not performing up to par? Don't worry, we can get it to work perfectly again!
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If you're having trouble with your dryer not working, look no further. We specialize in gas and electric dryer repair services of any problem, with the exception of clogged vents, which we leave to the experts.

Our certified technicians have seen it all from squirrels in blowers to fires, and we have a massive selection of heaters, fuses, rollers, belts, and more in stock and ready for installation. We use three large part distributors to make sure we get you your part quickly and have your dryer running again with minimal downtime.

We understand how important having a working dryer is. We strive to provide excellent customer service and quality repairs, no matter what brand you have.

Although dryers are fairly simple to use, they can be electrically complicated with high voltage circuits and fire hazards. These safety risks require knowledge and care when doing repairs. Don't put yourself in danger. Bring in an experienced team who can handle the complexities of your repair the right way and keep you and your home safe.

Check out these common dryer issues:

  1. Dryer not heating
  2. Dryer won't start
  3. Dryer making loud noises
  4. Dryer takes too long to dry clothes
  5. Dryer won't turn off
  6. Dryer drum not spinning
  7. Dryer producing a burning smell
  8. Dryer overheating
  9. Dryer stops mid-cycle
  10. Dryer doesn't dry clothes completely
  11. Dryer door won't close
  12. Dryer door latch broken
  13. Dryer timer not working
  14. Dryer won't stay on
  15. Dryer trips the circuit breaker
  16. Dryer belt broken
  17. Dryer vent clogged
  18. Dryer rollers worn out
  19. Dryer tensioner issues
  20. Dryer ignitor not working
  21. Dryer gas coils malfunctioning
  22. Dryer motor making noise
  23. Dryer motor not running
  24. Dryer lint filter problems
  25. Dryer control panel issues
  26. Dryer thermostat problems
  27. Dryer sensor problems
  28. Dryer thermal fuse blown
  29. Dryer moisture sensor not working
  30. Dryer drum making squeaking noises


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We Repair Motors.

The motor is responsible for turning the drum, allowing clothes to rotate and dry. A malfunctioning motor means the dryer won't work or produce heat. Signs of a bad motor include a grinding sound followed by silence and an electrical odor. Prompt repair is necessary to restore the dryer's functionality.

 We Lubricate & Replace Rollers & Idlers

Rollers help keep the drum spinning smoothly and quietly. When a bearing in one of the rollers fails, it creates a loud noise, often resembling the sound of a shoe in the dryer. The tensioner keeps the belt tight as it moves around the drum, ensuring efficient operation.

We Replace Belts.

The belt connects the motor to the drum, enabling the drum to turn. If the belt snaps due to age or is dislodged when the drum is turned by hand, the motor will run, but the drum won't spin. Regardless of the cause, we can fix it.

We Fix Heaters & Heating Coils

The heater, also known as the heating coil, is the component that receives the most voltage to generate the heat required for drying clothes. Without a functioning heater, drying clothes takes several hours, resulting in crunchy fabric. Heaters can fail for various reasons, with the most common being a clogged vent causing overheating.

We Replace Gas Coils.

Gas coils function as electromagnets that open a valve to allow gas flow, which is then ignited to produce heat. When these coils fail, the main symptom is either no heat or loss of heat after the dryer has been operating for a while. Proper diagnosis is essential to identify faulty gas coils.

We Replace Hot Surface Ignitors. 

The ignitor, made of carbon, glows red-hot to ignite gas in your dryer. This delicate component can break over time, especially if the dryer is dropped or if it is touched with bare hands. Although ignitors are relatively inexpensive, it is crucial to diagnose the problem correctly to ensure it is the ignitor that needs replacement.