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Electric Range & Oven Repair.

Eating out is a fun time. Eating out all the time because your oven is broken, isn't.
We do many types of repairs. Check them out here.

     For some, when an electric oven stops working, it's not just a minor inconvenience, it's a major one. In the winter or for those who don't enjoy grilling, a malfunctioning oven means higher food costs and possibly a larger waistline from eating out more frequently. Ensuring your electric oven is functioning properly is crucial.

     Sargent’s understands this and has service technicians ready to tackle almost any electric oven repair you need. Our techs are factory-trained and have extensive real-world experience. We've dealt with everything from mouse-infested storage drawers to grease fires inside the cooktop. Our team is prepared to get your electric oven up and running or at least provide you with a clear explanation if it's beyond repair. We carry parts on our trucks for common electric oven repairs, and if we don’t have the necessary part in stock, we work with three major part distributors to source the right component for you.

     With so many different brands and service providers in town, it can be challenging to choose the right company. Sargent’s has been in business since 1974 and has the reputation you’ve been looking for. We repair all major brands and most other brands in general. We know what it takes to get an electric oven repaired, and we have the tools to do it right the first time.

     If you’re experiencing problems such as no heat, burners not working, smoke or burning smells, a dead control panel, or any other issue with your electric oven, call us today. We will dispatch a technician to your house to get your oven fixed promptly.

Check out these common issues.

  1. Electric oven not heating
  2. Electric oven burners not working
  3. Electric oven control panel not working
  4. Electric oven making buzzing noise
  5. Electric oven door won’t close
  6. Electric oven temperature not accurate
  7. Electric oven won’t turn on
  8. Electric oven tripping breaker
  9. Electric oven light not working
  10. Electric oven element not heating
  11. Electric oven self-cleaning not working
  12. Electric oven not cooking evenly
  13. Electric oven keeps shutting off
  14. Electric oven broiler not working
  15. Electric oven making popping noise
  16. Electric oven overheating
  17. Electric oven display not working
  18. Electric oven fan not working
  19. Electric oven timer not working
  20. Electric oven fuse problems



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Sparks Electric Oven Broken Door Repair.

Broken oven glass, whether it’s the inner or decorative outer glass, is a serious problem. The glass helps retain heat and prevents it from escaping into your kitchen, protecting you and others from burns. If the glass is broken, avoid cleaning it immediately after cooking to prevent further cracking. For spills inside the door, use a metal scraper razor for safe cleaning without damaging the glass or injuring yourself.

Sparks Electric Oven Heating Element Repair.

The heating element is what heats the inside of the oven. When it malfunctions, you usually get no heat at all. If there’s some heat, another issue might be at play. A new element is typically the first thing we check if there’s no heat. Visible burn marks or breaks are clear indicators of a faulty element. If you see it sparking or burning, turn off the breaker immediately to prevent further damage.

Sparks Electric Oven Door Hinge Repair.

Door hinges are crucial for keeping your oven door sealed tightly, preventing heat loss and stopping steam from entering the control panel, which could cause it to fail. If your oven door isn’t closing properly, it’s essential to have it repaired. A well-sealed door ensures more even cooking and improved energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption.

Sparks Coil Surface Burner Repair.

Coil burners are a traditional cooktop design that remains popular due to their reliability. However, these burners can sometimes stop working. If this happens, there are a few things we can check to get your cooktop running again. Often, the issue lies not with the coil itself but with the plug or receptacle it connects to. These parts can break or malfunction, making for a relatively simple repair.

Sparks Electronic Control and Panel Repair.

Electronics are essential in today's appliances, particularly in ovens. The control board manages heating, fan operation, cycle selection, and nearly every other function except for the oven light. If the control board malfunctions, it could ruin your plans for a nice meal. Fortunately, we specialize in repairing various control boards, often avoiding the need for a full replacement.

Sparks Broken Glass Top Repair. 

A broken glass cooktop is a significant issue that requires immediate attention. The glass surface not only provides a smooth and sleek appearance but also supports the heating elements underneath. When the glass cracks or shatters, it can compromise the cooktop's functionality and safety. Cooking on a damaged glass cooktop can lead to further breakage and potential injury. If you notice any cracks or chips, it's crucial to avoid using the cooktop and seek professional repair. Our technicians are skilled in replacing broken glass cooktops, ensuring a perfect fit and restoring your appliance to its optimal condition. We use high-quality replacement parts to ensure durability and safety, allowing you to get back to cooking with confidence.