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Sparks Gas Range & Oven Repair.

Have Dinner Plans? Don't Let Your Oven Ruin Them.
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     For some, if the gas oven goes down, it’s more than just a minor setback. In the winter or for those who prefer not to grill, a malfunctioning gas oven means increased food costs and potentially a larger waistline from dining out more often. Ensuring your gas oven is working correctly is very important.

     Sargent’s understands this and has service technicians ready to handle almost any gas oven repair you require. Our techs are factory-trained and have plenty of real-world experience. We've encountered everything from mouse-infested storage drawers to grease fires inside the cooktop. Our team is equipped to get your gas oven up and running or at least inform you if it’s beyond repair. We carry parts on our trucks for common gas oven repairs, and if we don’t have the necessary part in stock, we partner with three major part distributors to source the right part for you.

     With numerous brands and service providers available, it can be tough to decide which company to choose. Sargent’s has been in business since 1974 and has the reputation you’ve been seeking. We repair all major brands and most other brands in general. We understand what it takes to get a gas oven repaired, and we have the right tools to do it correctly the first time.

     If you’re experiencing problems such as no heat, burners not igniting, smoke or burning smells, a dead control panel, or any other issue with your gas oven, call us today. We will dispatch a technician to your house to get your oven repaired promptly.

Check out these common issues.

  1. Gas oven not heating
  2. Gas oven burners not igniting
  3. Gas oven smells like gas
  4. Gas oven pilot light issues
  5. Gas oven making clicking noise
  6. Gas oven flame goes out
  7. Gas oven temperature not accurate
  8. Gas oven won’t turn on
  9. Gas oven door won’t close
  10. Gas oven control panel not working
  11. Gas oven making a hissing sound
  12. Gas oven leaking gas
  13. Gas oven won’t stay lit
  14. Gas oven broiler not working
  15. Gas oven igniter not sparking
  16. Gas oven keeps shutting off
  17. Gas oven not cooking evenly
  18. Gas oven thermostat issues
  19. Gas oven convection fan not working
  20. Gas oven safety valve problems



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Sparks Oven Door Repair.

Broken oven glass, whether it’s the inner glass or the decorative outer glass, is a serious issue. The glass prevents heat from escaping through the door and protects you and others from burns. If the glass is broken, avoid cleaning it immediately after cooking, as it could crack further. For spills on the inside of the door, use a metal scraper razor to clean it safely without damaging the glass or injuring yourself.

Sparks Gas Oven Electronic Control Repair.

Electronics play a crucial role in modern appliances, especially in ovens. The control board manages heating, fan operation, cycle selection, and almost every other function, except maybe the oven light. A faulty control board can ruin your plans for a nice meal. Fortunately, we can repair many types of control boards instead of replacing them.

Sparks Gas Oven Door Hinge Repair.

Door hinges ensure your oven door closes tightly, preventing heat loss and keeping steam from entering the control panel, which could lead to a malfunction. If your oven door isn’t closing properly, it’s important to get it repaired. A properly sealed door will help your food cook evenly and improve energy efficiency, reducing electricity usage.

Sparks Gas Oven Ignitor Repair.

Ignitors are essential components in gas appliances, responsible for igniting the gas to produce heat. Without ignitors, raw gas would accumulate in your appliance and potentially your home, which is dangerous. There are two types of ignitors: spark ignitors, which make a ticking sound, and hot surface ignitors, which glow red-hot. Both generate enough heat to ignite the gas.